Our Purpose

Founded in 2012, New State Solutions is a specialist provider of talent and human capital solutions, helping clients transform their business.

In a market defined by unprecedented and rapid change, pressure is heaped on management to develop new strategies that will keep their organisations competitive. More than ever, clients need a partner with unrelenting focus to support their talent agenda.

We promote our client’s objectives and hiring needs, with discretion and passion to the right audience, cutting through the market clutter and achieving superior results. To accelerate your transformation agenda, we pinpoint the very best senior permanent and interim hires ino sectors as diverse as Financial Services, Management Consulting, Telecoms, Retail and Utilities. 

Whether the transformation strategy is to build out a new operating model or functional structure, a new way of working, new customer experiences, or new products and propositions, our business has delivered across multiple disciplines.

Our Values

The consultants at New State Solutions have chosen a profession that fuels their passion, mirrors their personality and defines them as people. Our culture is based on promoting the right behaviours in our team, which are on display consistently throughout the interactions we enjoy throughout our community. What comes first is a genuine interest in people and a desire to support them as they build their careers.

We don’t reduce people to a sales target, because we know that we will enjoy sustainable and successful outcomes through the consistent quality of what we do.

In summary, we are striving for what we call “Durable Trust”.

How We Work

Successful partnerships start with true collaboration. By listening closely to the drivers behind our client’s change strategy and reflecting on the very best messaging from any brief, we bring to life opportunities in the most compelling way possible. Our ability to connect people’s career aspiration with those opportunities, is crucial and sets us apart. 

Increasing levels of automation and factory processed recruitment models, create a volume of candidates, with recruiters falling in to the trap of merely ‘discovering data’.  They are paralysed by this volume, preventing them from proactively approaching and engaging the best passive talent elsewhere. Our network has been built steadily over many years and enables us to focus on the right people, protecting our client’s brand and delivering quality experiences.

“If you believe in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself.” – Frank Perdue

Why Choose Us?

Our deep experience provides a stable foundation to consult our clients with full confidence. We can help you write up your brief, refine the approach to market, strengthen the messaging and positioning of your firm and opportunity and inspire strong engagement.

We access specialist talent that you as a client cannot. We achieve this through years of developing relationships, creating deep networks built on “durable trust” and are well established in our focus markets

We don’t rely on digital technologies where everyone has access to the same data and passive candidate base, but invest our energy on recommendations and introductions, making proactive interactions more valued.

As a smaller outfit, we are highly focused, persist where larger firms get distracted and have clear evidence of punching way above our weight with end results.

Year                                       Clients                                                  Turnover

2013                                       5                                                              160,000                

* Guidewire Implementation for major Insurer                                   

2016                                       13                                                           380,000

* Comprehensive Recruitment into Internal Consulting unit of major Telco

2018                                       18                                                           1.1 M

* Number one supplier into major Simplification Programme of Bank

Projected Total Turnover 2019
Total Active Clients
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